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4 Of My Tips To Weight Loss For Your Practice

4 Of My Tips To Weight Loss For Your Practice

weight loss has consistently been my goal, since 5 years ago. Over the years, I have tried a huge array of different tactics and eventually narrowed down to a list that actually works. Since weight loss is a very popular destination, 

I think it will benefit other people to share this list with you all overall Tips :

1. Make a clear final destination.

Have a clear goal in your mind. How many pounds you plan to lose? How much weight lbs is your end? How would you see it? What will be the measurement? something very sharp, crisp and clear is needed to propel you forward. If you have an ambiguous goal, you will get ambiguous results.
See Setting Your Goals for 15 key principles to check against when building your goal.

2. Keep track of your calories.

The only way to be sure whether you eat in or below the quota is to keep track of your calories. Use the excel sheet or notebook to keep track of it. Unless you keep track of your calories, it will lead to a guess on how much you eat. You want to be as precise as possible to get the best results.

For all of last year, I keep track of my calorie intake. It was also the year in which I lost a good amount of weight - 13 lbs! By tracking, I know when it's okay for me to eat more and when I should stop eating for days. Some days I did exceed my quota, and when that happens, I compensated by exercising on a day or eat less the next day.

Conversely, if you find a tracking too much hassle, you do not need to keep track of 24/7. Do it for a few days to get the hang of it, it does keep mentally every day like you have your meal. After tracking calories for a long period of time, I've since developed a good sense of what high-calorie and low-calorie foods, and therefore does not need to keep track of my calories tight again. The key here is to be aware of your food intake, and that you consume in or under your calorie output.

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3. Remove yourself on how much you weigh.

This is probably one of the things that frustrate many people in their weight loss plan. They keep the weight themselves every day to track their progress and become discouraged when their weight has not decreased or increased, not. This is what threw me off on many weight loss efforts in the past.

Break away from your actual weight. Your weight is not a definitive indicator of success. Muscle weighs more than fat, so it is possible for you to weigh heavy after your weight loss regime, but it looks thin. I have friends who are overweight but actually looks very petite. He was overweight because of the high amount of muscle in the body of the training as an athlete.

Weight limit you to only once / week or more. There will not be much to lose your weight on a day to day basis to justify that weight. In addition, our weight fluctuates pretty wildly throughout the day due to water loss, so try to weigh every day may give a false indicator of your progress.

Years ago, I weighed myself only twice - Once at the beginning of the year and the second time at the end of the year. For me, there is no reason for me to weigh myself because I was more focused on the look of my body and not the actual number on the scale. I got my tracking sheet calorie intake / output (see Tip # 2) and this is enough for me to know whether I was on track. Interestingly, my weight during my second weigh-in at the end of the year turned out to be exactly the same as the expected weight of the sheets I counted my calories by all my calorie intake / output throughout the year! I'm not saying you have to follow and only weigh yourself only twice a year - What is important is not to be obsessed with the actual figure of your body weight and focus on the final look and how healthy you feel otherwise.

4. Think long-term commitment.

Whatever plan you plan to lose weight, think in terms of long-term commitment. Whenever you want to insert a new element to your program, such as low-carb, food salad only, exercise every day, ask yourself - Am I willing to do this forever?
When you make radical changes, it will lead to rapid weight loss, which would then regain once you return to regular eating habits and your lifestyle. This is why so many people report great benefit from a strict diet or weight loss program - just to get them all back and more later when they stopped them. Usually they become heavier than before they try to lose weight because their bodies are now operating at a low BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) compared to the past.

The only time when your weight may stay permanently off is if you combine habits as permanent changes in your lifestyle. If you're not willing to do that, then look for a good compromise that balances the needs of your weight and your dietary needs. Whatever actions you take on is the actions that need to do for the rest of your life.

10 Powerful Tips For Healthy Living You Might Not Know

10 Powerful Tips For Healthy Living You Might Not Know

How healthy are you? Do you have a healthy diet? Do you exercise regularly? Do you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day? Do you get enough sleep every day?

Our body is our temple and we should take care to have a healthy life. Did you know that more than a staggering 65% of Americans were obese or overweight? That's crazy! Think of your body as your physical shell to carry you through life. If you repeatedly misused by unhealthy food, you will quickly wear shell. Although you may look fine on the outside, inside, your arteries get clogged with cholesterol and arterial plaque. It was not a pretty sight!

Life is beautiful and you do not want to bog yourself down with unnecessary health problems. Today, your vital organs (kidney, heart, lung, gall bladder, liver, stomach, intestines, etc.) can work well, but they may not be tomorrow. Do not take your good health for granted today. Take proper care of your body.
Good health is not just about healthy eating and exercise - as well as have a positive mental health, healthy self-image and a healthy lifestyle. In this article, I will share with you 45 tips for a healthier life. Bookmark this article and save the tips, because they will be important in healthy living.

1.Drink more water

 Most of us actually do not drink enough water every day. Water is essential for our bodies to function - Did you know over 60% of our body consists of water? Water is needed to carry out the functions of our body, dispose of waste and to carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Because we lose water every day through urine, defecation, perspiration and respiration, we need to fill our water intake.

In addition, drinking more water itself actually helps in weight loss. A study conducted among people who are overweight / obese showed that water drinkers lost 4.5 pounds more than the control group. Researchers believe that it is because of drinking more water helps fill your stomach, making you less hungry and tend to overeat. I agree with that, and I have added take your body tries to retain water whatever you take when you do not take enough water, causing weight gain. Meanwhile, if you regularly drink water, your body know that it will get a supply of liquid, so it does not try to retain more water.

The amount of water we need is dependent on various factors such as humidity, physical activity, and weight, but generally we need 2.7 to 3.7 liters of water intake! Since food intake accounted for about 20% of our fluid intake, it means we have to drink about 2.0-3.0 liters of water, or about 8-10 glasses (now you know how to eight glasses of recommendations came!). One way to tell if you hydrated - your urine should be colorless or slightly yellow. If not, you do not get enough water! Other signs include: dry mouth, dry mouth and little urination. Go get some water first before you continue with this article!

2.Get enough sleep

If you're not well rested, you compensate by eating more. Usually it's junk food. Get enough rest and you do not need a snack to keep me awake. Also, lack of sleep causes premature aging, and you do not want it.


Meditation silence your mind and soothe your soul. If you do not know how to meditate, do not worry - learning how to meditate in 5 simple steps.


Not just a few times a week, but every day. Life movement. Research has shown that exercise every day brings tremendous benefits to our health, including increased life span, reduce risk, higher bone density and weight loss. Increase activity in your life. Select run transportation for short distances. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Joining some aerobic classes. Taking sport to your liking.

5.Pick exercise you enjoy

When you enjoy sports, you'll naturally want to do. This exercise is not about suffering and pushing yourself; it's about being healthy and having fun at the same time. Adding variety to your workout will keep them interesting.

6.Work out the various parts of your body

Do not just do cardio (such as jogging). Give your body is filled with the proper work out. The easiest way is to get involved in sports, because they work out different muscle groups. popular sports include basketball, soccer, swimming, tennis, squash, badminton, frisbee, and lots more.

7.Eat more fruit

Fruits are a number of vitamins and minerals. Did you know that oranges offer more health benefits of Vitamin C pills? Taking the synthetic supplements are not the same as eating food straight from nature. Fill your palate with nutritious fruits: watermelon, apricots, avocados, Apple, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, kiwi, guava, papaya, strawberries.

8.Eat more vegetables

Such as fruits, vegetables is important to the welfare of our health. Experts suggest that we should have 5-9 servings of fruits / vegetables, and unfortunately most people do not even have a minimum of 5 servings! Some of my favorite vegetables include: red beans, black beans, asparagus, beans, French beans, sprouts, button mushrooms and carrots. What is your favorite vegetables and how you can include more of them in your diet today?

9.Pick brightly colored foods

Fruits and vegetables with bright colors are usually high in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are good for health because they remove free radicals in our bodies that damage our cells. So get your fill of fruit / vegetables of different colors: white (bananas, mushrooms), Yellow (pineapple, mango), Orange (Orange, Papaya), Red (Apple, Strawberry, Tomato, watermelon), Green (guava, avocado, cucumber , lettuce, celery), Purple / Blue (Blackberry, aubergine, plum). Here's the full list below the color wheel.

10.Cut down on processed foods

Processed foods are not good because (1) most nutritional value is lost (2) preservative added is bad for our health. Many processed foods contain high amounts of salt, which leads to high blood pressure and heart disease. processed food is something that is not in its raw form. In general, most of the processed foods in the supermarket - more ingredients on the label (especially those that end in "ite 'or' eat '), the more they are processed. Watch out for them with salt / sugar as the first ingredient 5 and go for natural foods as much as possible.

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